Utterly Fantastic! :)

Shooting the National Plato's Closet Ad Campaign Commercial:)

Shooting the National Plato’s Closet Ad Campaign Commercial:)

National Plato's Closet website

National Plato’s Closet website 🙂

Reporting to you live from Midvale, Utah!  Why here, you may ask? For some lovely cosmetic dentistry (ie. teeth whitening, smile perfecting…)  courtesy of Presley Orthodontics!

Now! Pros and cons to the trip down here…..Pro: I ❤ ROADTRIPS!!!…..Con: I get motion/car sick relatively easily. Slightly contradicting? Yes. Preventable? Maybe. Solution? Ibuprofen!…other suggestions also welcome 🙂 Anyway! Another pro: six whole hours of jamin to the iPod…..Con: over 48 hours without my loves: my babies Thor, Dutchess, and the show: Jerseylicious.  But I should be back by Friday afternoon with a brighter smile!

In the mean tome, try to catch the latest national commercial I am in for the ever so fantastic  clothing store: Plato’s Closet!  Also take a peak at their fun website! 😉

On an entirely unrelated note, I have lost all respect for MTV’s True Life thanks to their new episode: I’m too beautiful…..unfortunately, not only were the people on the show not an overwhelmingly perfect sight to see (as I personally believe that is an absolutely absurd thing to say), but their personalities made them more unattractive than not.

Also unrelated, the new movie: The Purge was not as good as I expected it to be….the previews were cooler, though it was an awesome idea for a movie!!….now enough criticism on things that don’t matter 😛

 xoxo. -Haylee


About hayleesauerwine

I am many different things, but a writer is one of my larger sides, I have an unquenchable thirst for self-improvement knowledge that I enjoy satisfying with tons of books as well as documentaries! I believe everyone is much deeper and more complex than their outside shows them to be which is something I struggle every day with! I am not only a working model as well as a seasoned pageant queen, but I am also a sworn in officer of the law as an Animal Control Officer! :) I am an absolute Aries to a T, meaning I'm pretty firery when it comes down to it; but I also enjoy meditation and natural calming techniques :) I am EXTREMELY optimistic and I believe people can do absolutely anything they truly tune their minds to (within the laws of nature and physics :P), but at the same time I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder so its a really great way for me to find balance! :) My best subject has always been English but ironically I have never been a great speller. I also have a huge interest in science which is pretty contradicting to my English-savvy brain! I was raised listening to country music, which I will always have an ear for, but I have grown to be extremely versatile in my music interests, with my favorite being rock music:) I pride myself on my ability to play string instruments, my personality of a social butterfly, and my tendency to always surprise people! :D These are only a few of the countless sides of me and I know everyone else has many sides as well! Even the sides they don't even know exist yet.... ;)

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