An Update From My Pageant Side


Well my dear audience, unless you live under a rock…….unlikely:-)…..then I am sure that you’ve heard of the ever-so-stunning Miss Utah 2013 Marissa Powell’s final interview question/answer (link below). (If you’re not into pageants, bear with me, more un-related posts shall come ;)).I realized while watching the live Miss USA pageant, that not even a quarter of the way through, she was headed  south….  I knew after her first sentence that she would be deemed the new Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2007 Caitlin Upton; and judging by the headlines, that’s what everyone else thought too.

….A couple of notes to these two final question mistakes….Miss Utah is stating the same thing that Miss South Carolina Teen stated in the past: ‘I was so nervous that I didn’t even hear the question’….Which is actually MORE common than not and is pretty common for state-level pageants. These lovely ladies are well-known as educated and outstanding citizens; however, unlike any ordinary outstanding citizens, they are public figures as well [note to self, eh?]. Majority of the population could not, and WOULD NOT answer a question concerning personal opinions of national issues in front of MILLIONSSSS OF PEOPLEEEEE….in fact most people wouldn’t even utter their name in front of that many people…Props to my pageant girls for having the lady balls to do that and more! 🙂

…Second thing….. Caitlin Upton is now more famous and successful than she could have ever been without her nation-wide mistake.  Before…a small town pageant girl….after…a successful model and public figure. Also after the final question mess-up, she has been busy with appearances on shows such as TLC’s King of the Crown, Tosh.0, and Rob Dyrdek’s Rediculousness; also appearing in Weezer’s music video Pork and Beans; and receiving invitations to events such as the MTV Music Awards….doin pretty good for herself, yeah? 😉 Clearly we all need to make huge mistakes that accidentally boost our careers….if only it were that easy for all of us… But if life gives ya lemons…make some lemon meringue pie!!! And do remember to share, I love pie. 🙂

Anyway for those of you who didn’t read my last post (I am very disappointed in you) this cosmetic dentistry is now a monthly visit to Salt Lake City Utah for a beautiful result from some of the best cosmetic dentists in the US! The lovely people who are improving my teeth (not that my teeth were awful before :P) for my modeling are the very same that work on pageant queens and models all over the country, and the very same people who worked on Miss Utah USA 2013’s gorgeous pearly-whites 😉


About hayleesauerwine

I am many different things, but a writer is one of my larger sides, I have an unquenchable thirst for self-improvement knowledge that I enjoy satisfying with tons of books as well as documentaries! I believe everyone is much deeper and more complex than their outside shows them to be which is something I struggle every day with! I am not only a working model as well as a seasoned pageant queen, but I am also a sworn in officer of the law as an Animal Control Officer! :) I am an absolute Aries to a T, meaning I'm pretty firery when it comes down to it; but I also enjoy meditation and natural calming techniques :) I am EXTREMELY optimistic and I believe people can do absolutely anything they truly tune their minds to (within the laws of nature and physics :P), but at the same time I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder so its a really great way for me to find balance! :) My best subject has always been English but ironically I have never been a great speller. I also have a huge interest in science which is pretty contradicting to my English-savvy brain! I was raised listening to country music, which I will always have an ear for, but I have grown to be extremely versatile in my music interests, with my favorite being rock music:) I pride myself on my ability to play string instruments, my personality of a social butterfly, and my tendency to always surprise people! :D These are only a few of the countless sides of me and I know everyone else has many sides as well! Even the sides they don't even know exist yet.... ;)

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