There’s Nothing Sexier Than A Woman Who Can Parallel Park…Right?! :D

Hey there guys! What a crazy busy and occasionally stressful life we have here right?! Even so, a hilarious show I have recently discovered [as of tonight] called Camp on NBC has reminded me that being positive, even if its completely sarcastic and unmeant [is that a word?],can make a friend laugh, causing you to laugh or the old-fashioned make yourself laugh! I’m good at that one because I often have wild conversations with myself…don’t lie, you do too. Another thing I’ve been reminded of was to give everyone a chance to be someone in your life that tries [within reason, I’m not promoting stalker relationships and such]. But maybe that guy who messaged you only wants to talk….be your friend. Maybe not everyone on facebook thinks your as hot as you do so chill! Haha I hate to be a cleche but…be beautiful on the inside. It’ll get ya a lot farther mah dear ;). And for those of my male readers, correct me if I’m wrong! But I am a woman, therefore genetically engineered to always be right ;D haha.

On another note! A Giani Bini fashion show was held last Saturday featuring yours truly and I got to wear some FANTASTIC designs…maybe even bought some!.[crappy photo attached] =O Related to fashion is the promo modeling I was doing for CFD [Cheyenne Frontier Days]  is now non-existing because we didn’t have enough drop dead gorgeous ladies to satisfy the customer but not to worry, there shall be more! And on an entirely UN-related note I won NOTHING on the new Snapple promotion of buy a half n’ half and win…nothing! 😀

Sooo everyone make your way to all the CFD events because more than likely, I will be there loving it up! Remember if ever you are a person in the industry, hit up my facebook and we’ll chat. If you are an avid reader….or just a reader at all that has an idea of what you’d like to read about, post a comment and I’ll see what I can do with it!Image

PS. I love watching American Dad but it always trips me out when they shout ‘Haylee!’….they probably spell it Hayley anyway….


About hayleesauerwine

I am many different things, but a writer is one of my larger sides, I have an unquenchable thirst for self-improvement knowledge that I enjoy satisfying with tons of books as well as documentaries! I believe everyone is much deeper and more complex than their outside shows them to be which is something I struggle every day with! I am not only a working model as well as a seasoned pageant queen, but I am also a sworn in officer of the law as an Animal Control Officer! :) I am an absolute Aries to a T, meaning I'm pretty firery when it comes down to it; but I also enjoy meditation and natural calming techniques :) I am EXTREMELY optimistic and I believe people can do absolutely anything they truly tune their minds to (within the laws of nature and physics :P), but at the same time I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder so its a really great way for me to find balance! :) My best subject has always been English but ironically I have never been a great speller. I also have a huge interest in science which is pretty contradicting to my English-savvy brain! I was raised listening to country music, which I will always have an ear for, but I have grown to be extremely versatile in my music interests, with my favorite being rock music:) I pride myself on my ability to play string instruments, my personality of a social butterfly, and my tendency to always surprise people! :D These are only a few of the countless sides of me and I know everyone else has many sides as well! Even the sides they don't even know exist yet.... ;)

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