Jealously Is Like Copper for Your Soul…..It Turns it Green (or something like that)

Good evening friends!  How wonderful of you to stumble upon my smallish blog ^_^.  Tonight’s random collection of thoughts begins (and I say begins because it will probably end up somewhere totally different) with a sore spot in all of us.  Human nature says its normal, but it never really feels that way does it?  Cover the kids eyes and plug their ears!! JEALOUSY!! =o

Now as a woman, I almost feel more prone to this sour pill that we all choke on.  And ESPECIALLY being a pageant girl and experiencing the modeling industry, I am very frequently nurtured into the nature of envy!  But unfortunately, jealousy and similar soul-crushing emotions are in every culture, at every age, in every work place.  Like a seedling that receives the perfect amount of water, heat, and light; our culture provides the exact essentials needed to develop our small insecurities, into thriving giant green monsters!  And not the good kind that filter carbon dioxide and release oxygen.  But lets face it friends, it’s not just our society that pushes our envy to the max, it’s in our very DNA.

Human nature tells us to judge, which comes from our primal instinct to size up our opponents to calculate our odds of survival and likely-hood to attract mates to reproduce.  While that’s no longer a vital necessity to survive or mate (at least not to the extent) you cannot expect a fish to survive solely on land.

The silly thing is, that we’ve all heard the tips and tricks on how to stop jealousy dead in its tracks and even how to handle people who target us with their own jealousy; but very few of us take the advice.  What I’ve realized, is that the important thing to remember, is consistency is key!  We have to retrain our brains by constantly reminding ourselves that comparison to other people is not only unhealthy, but extremely unnecessary.  I truly believe that everyone is uniquely beautiful and that everyone, even supermodels and pageant queens, have their very own insecurities and jealousies.  Let’s keep that in mind the next time we harshly judge someone 😀  I definitely know how difficult snapping yourself out of those thoughts can be, but one of my favorite things in life is self-improvement!  My recommended reading for the day is: Self-Improvement 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know, by John C. Maxwell !!! 🙂 Or just visit my favorite section in Barnes& Noble: the Self-Improvement section! 😀

UNRELATED!  Some personal reviews:-)  I have recently stumbled upon some great documentaries on Netflix!  If you’re in the mood for a tearjerker, watch Blackfish.  One day I will work up the courage to watch it, but it has great reviews, and is about the Killer Whales that are victims of performing.  Captured, and forced to dance, this looks like a sad one!

A documentary that I have watched, however, is ‘I Escaped A Cult’.  Though it is pretty intriguing, there are only two stories and they could have been drastically worse.  The ordeals gone through by the two individuals were no doubt unfortunate, but they always had a choice to leave, as the only threat to leaving the ‘cult’ was that God would not approve.  My rating: 3 stars out of 5.

RoseMary’s Baby is a movie that I stumbled upon which is a thriller-ish type movie that had really good ratings.  I should’ve paid attention to the menu which implied that it was a two-part movie.  It was a decent movie with a good plot and great actors, though there were some loose ends and it was reeeeeeally long.  I give it 4 our of 5 stars 🙂 and since I absolutely adore horror movies and thrillers, I am extremely excited for the movie Unfriended to come out! Even if it does look slightly cheesy, it looks new and interesting! 😀 A link to the trailer is below 🙂

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About hayleesauerwine

I am many different things, but a writer is one of my larger sides, I have an unquenchable thirst for self-improvement knowledge that I enjoy satisfying with tons of books as well as documentaries! I believe everyone is much deeper and more complex than their outside shows them to be which is something I struggle every day with! I am not only a working model as well as a seasoned pageant queen, but I am also a sworn in officer of the law as an Animal Control Officer! :) I am an absolute Aries to a T, meaning I'm pretty firery when it comes down to it; but I also enjoy meditation and natural calming techniques :) I am EXTREMELY optimistic and I believe people can do absolutely anything they truly tune their minds to (within the laws of nature and physics :P), but at the same time I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder so its a really great way for me to find balance! :) My best subject has always been English but ironically I have never been a great speller. I also have a huge interest in science which is pretty contradicting to my English-savvy brain! I was raised listening to country music, which I will always have an ear for, but I have grown to be extremely versatile in my music interests, with my favorite being rock music:) I pride myself on my ability to play string instruments, my personality of a social butterfly, and my tendency to always surprise people! :D These are only a few of the countless sides of me and I know everyone else has many sides as well! Even the sides they don't even know exist yet.... ;)

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