Life is Too Short to Give into Pessimism (Or at least, that’s what I’m learning)

And the role model of the day is……..(drum roll)……SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!


In case you aren’t aware of the fantastic contributions of this little guy, he is not what he appears to be on the outside: just a silly cartoon character that small children enjoy watching, while their parent’s tear their hair out attempting to convince them to watch something….ANYTHING else (ex: my sister’s life with her toddler’s Spongebob obsession).

Many might see this cartoon as crude, rude, or socially unacceptable; but as a child who grew up without cable television, I was unknowing of the small yellow sponge until my mid-teen years, when his optimism was a ray of golden sunshine in my deeply dark, adolescence phase.  I give my beloved readers (if there are any), a list of why Spongebob Squarepants is actually one of the best role models of  today:

  1.  OPTIMISTIC, POSITIVE, (and any other similey thingskind of you might think of):  While everyone has a bad day (even cartoon characters) it is amazing how resilient this small sponge is!  With a grumpy neighbor constantly shooting down his attempts at friendship (Squidward), a best friend who doesn’t really know much about him at all (Patrick, as seen on the episode, “You Don’t Know Sponge”), a boss who makes him work overtime without pay, or any number of the citizens of Bikini Bottom who don’t appreciate his enthusiastic and outgoing personality, there isn’t an episode that goes by where Spongebob can’t turn a completely terrible day, into a great learning experience that he can smile at.  He will always try to make friends (despite their multiple attempts to shun him), and he will always make it a glass-half-full kind of day.  Even as a teen, this was a great lesson for me (I’m sure most of us go through a dark phase, but it was shocking to me just how much a cartoon could teach me life lessons!)
  2.  LOVE AND PASSION FOR WORK: Now, many of us have jobs that we hate, but even for those lucky people such as myself, who absolutely adore their job and take the up-most pride in it, tend to get sick of working every now-and-then.  We have bad days, bad weeks, terrible co-workers, or bosses, maybe our work load is overwhelming, or we just need a day off to ourselves.  But even when work gets tough, when his co-worker yells at him, or when his boss extends his shift to 23 hours straight with no breaks and no pay, Spongbob lights up with passion and joy, for the simple pleasure that it brings him to make his town’s most delicious meal; and lets face it, most of us love a gourmet burger every now and then, but few of us would be ecstatic to flip those burgers all day for minimal pay and grumpy customers.  It is a rare thing for a person to be consistently passionate about their work, but it’s a great thing that Mr. Squarepants shows our youth (and even adults like myself) that it is possible to be a great employee daily, and that there are great rewards that come with hard work and persistence, including, an overall happier life.
  3. Innocence: While we all want children to cling to their innocence, the world makes us grow up rather quickly and quite brutally too.  Everyone’s story is difficult in one way or another, however, it is important to remember that not all of our bad experiences in life have to lead to corruption or dysfunction.  Obviously it is easier to keep your innocence when there is a script writer creating your life, but it is  not impossible to do so yourself; which is a valuable lesson to today’s youth.
  4. The Importance of Making a Difference in the World: There are many great causes to contribute to in today’s world, but whether or not people take initiative to do so, is another story.  Through Spongebob’s busy life of work, play, and hobbies, there is also contribution.  One large example of this, is demonstrating the passion he has for the environment and its preservation, conservation, and protection.  We see this through one episode called “Spongebob’s Last Stand”, when Plankton convinces the city to build a ‘super highway’ through Jellyfish Fields, which will inevitably push the wildlife out of their habitat and destroy the environment.  To save and conserve, Spongebob convinces his friends to peacefully protest to save Jellyfish Fields, and after the city sees the destruction that the construction and pollution causes, as well as the result of the wildlife having no where to go but into the city (kind of like Alaska and the bear population), the natural environment of Jellyfish Fields is restored when the highway is torn up, and the habitat is restored. Way to take control and to do your part to help the world SB!! 😀

Ultimately, there are many skeptics and several negative rumors about the cute children’s show; but as an adult who has learned life lessons, and how to make my life better from a sea sponge, I am making a personal recommendation to strive to learn all the benefits of watching the super silly show: Spongebob Squarepants.

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I am many different things, but a writer is one of my larger sides, I have an unquenchable thirst for self-improvement knowledge that I enjoy satisfying with tons of books as well as documentaries! I believe everyone is much deeper and more complex than their outside shows them to be which is something I struggle every day with! I am not only a working model as well as a seasoned pageant queen, but I am also a sworn in officer of the law as an Animal Control Officer! :) I am an absolute Aries to a T, meaning I'm pretty firery when it comes down to it; but I also enjoy meditation and natural calming techniques :) I am EXTREMELY optimistic and I believe people can do absolutely anything they truly tune their minds to (within the laws of nature and physics :P), but at the same time I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder so its a really great way for me to find balance! :) My best subject has always been English but ironically I have never been a great speller. I also have a huge interest in science which is pretty contradicting to my English-savvy brain! I was raised listening to country music, which I will always have an ear for, but I have grown to be extremely versatile in my music interests, with my favorite being rock music:) I pride myself on my ability to play string instruments, my personality of a social butterfly, and my tendency to always surprise people! :D These are only a few of the countless sides of me and I know everyone else has many sides as well! Even the sides they don't even know exist yet.... ;)

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